KRADEAU is a Parisian brand launched in 2021 by Anna Kraszewski and Alice Fraudeau.

Our purpose is to make clothing that fit our feminist convictions, with a touch of provocation and a slice of sarcasm.

All of our collections are designed to burn patriarchy, whilst avoiding burning the planet. As we are probably still 135 years away from equal rights between women and men, we believed we could start doing something to help speed up the process. Why not shorts and jewelry.
We realized that our wardrobe was not so well adapted to our women bodies and needs, so we have experimented new kinds of shapes and details that may improve our everyday lives. It started by adjusting the fly front of our pants to our vulvas. Now we can all pee standing up without showing off our butts.

Because we don’t want to see women’ bodies being censured, judged, sexualized, bullied, harassed, or simply subjected to anyone’s opinion anymore, we use clothing to voice our fed upness. Showing more vulvas in the street, more tits, more hairs, giving the finger and putting our faces on our butts to look at those fools as they look at our shapes.

And finally, because we try to make quality items with a minor ecologic impact, all clothes and jewelry are made in France, all raw materials are sourced in EU and France; and all packagings are recycled.